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10 Reasons The Philippines Has The Craziest President On Earth

Rodrigo Duterte is full of quotable lines that delight the pages of newspapers around the world. But Duterte is more than a few quips—he’s a historical atrocity in the making. Behind every joke that makes a headline, there’s a dark reality in the Philippines, and it’s much more terrifying than you might imagine.

10 He Complained That Gang-Rapists Didn’t Let Him Have A Turn

While campaigning for the President, Duterte shared a story about a hostage situation that happened while he was mayor.“They raped all of the women,” Duterte said. “There was this Australian lay minister . . . I saw her face and I thought, ‘Son of a bitch. What a pity.’ ” He wasn’t upset because she was raped, though—he was upset because he wasn’t invited. “The mayor should have been first.” He was talking about Jacqueline Hamill, an Australian woman taken hostage by a group of escaped convicts. She was brutally raped and murdered, killed by a gunshot to the back.His daughter later told the press that she had been a rape victim herself. Duterte, though, just rolled his eyes when the press brought it up. “She is a drama queen,” Duterte said, brushing off his daughter’s rape as a made-up story. “She can’t be raped. She carries a gun.”

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