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10 Reasons Trump Won The Presidency

Donald Trump is the next president of the United States.Two years ago, that sentence would have seemed satirical. Just last month, it sounded implausible to many. Yet Trump’s meteoric rise isn’t a joke. Nor is it just the story of some plucky underdog. The 45th president’s path to success was made possible by a specific set of remarkable factors.

10 GOP Failures

Many leaders in the Republican Party, especially those who supported Jeb Bush, did not want this to happen. Trump is not an orthodox conservative. He’s an isolationist who promised during the campaign to rip up trade deals, depose Paul Ryan, and “ensure the rich will pay their fair share.”That Trump made it to the White House is due in part to major errors by Republican elites.In January 2016, Ted Cruz won Iowa. He had momentum, was a passionate conservative, and was wildly popular with evangelicals. To stop Trump, all the GOP elites needed to do was passionately embrace Cruz. But they didn’t.Endorsing the headstrong Cruz was just too unpalatable. So they backed first Rubio and then Kasich, splitting the anti-Trump vote. After the convention, the GOP elites needed to treat Trump as they did Barry Goldwater and retract all financial and logistic support. Some did. But not enough.Paul Ryan never technically retracted his endorsement of Trump. Of the Republican leaders who did, many later re-endorsed him. Heavy hitters like Chris Christie threw in with Trump. By dithering, the GOP elites sank their own #NeverTrump campaign.

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