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15 Freaky AF Things You Can Find On The Black Market

The world is full of criminals and creeps, who live for the thrill of doing illegal and disgusting things. Gladly, we have the police and other legal institutions which catch all the bad guys and make our lives safer. So, there is no point to be scared of anything in the world, or is there?

The Internet is one of the best inventions in history, but it also opened a lot of opportunities for criminals to make some extra money without getting caught. I mean, before the Internet, crooks had to risk it all and sell illegal things on the streets in front of the police. It was a very risky business. However, things have changed now, and it is barely possible to catch people who sell things on the black market. The governments all around the world have no idea how to control Bitcoins and track down all the illegal transactions. The golden age of black market has only begun, so we can get ready to see more and more people getting into this tricky business. I mean, as long as a person has no morals, selling freaky stuff on the black market is the easiest way to get rich fast. You would be surprised to see how many disgusting things can a person buy on the black market. It makes me sick only to think about that. Anyway, enjoy this list of the scariest things which you can buy on the black market… but, please, don’t buy it.

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15. Slaves

Anyone who has some Bitcoins but fails when it comes to finding a girlfriend can just buy one. Even better, people can buy themselves wives on the black market. I don’t understand how the bride reaches the customer, but in the end, all the customers end up with an Indian or Chinese slave-girl. It is disgusting on so many levels, but it is still happening. Slavery is far from over and millions of poor people, mostly young girls, are being sold against their will on the black market every day. Some estimations show that people spend $32 billion a year in human trafficking, which is equal to the budget of a small European country.

So yeah, next time when you laugh from the fact that it is possible to mail a bride to yourself, remember that people actually do it. It isn’t that funny anymore, right?

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