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15 Things You Didn’t Know About US Currency

From the beginning of human civilization, if someone needed to get something done, or wanted to obtain an object or some food from another person, there would be some kind of exchange or transaction involved between the two parties. At first, these types of transactions involved currency such as livestock, wheat, or linens, and as time went on and technology continued to advance, civilizations and people began to offer currency like gold or hand-forged coins in order make some kind of purchase. In the last 300 years, currency has changed monumentally, as the world has gone from primarily using coins, to then using mostly paper bills, to now mostly using credit cards; and these transitions have affected every corner of the globe, including the United States.

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The U.S. is currently home to the largest economy in the world, and has been for several decades now, which is why the U.S. dollar is the basis upon which most global transactions are made, and why the entire world entered into a long recession right after the U.S. did in 2008. Like every country, the United States possesses different forms of physical currency which come with their own artwork and depictions of famous landmarks and individuals, and it is visual aesthetics like these that make American currency quite unique. What many may be unaware of, is the fact that there is more to U.S. currency than just its varied appearance, and the purpose of this article is to identify 15 of the things that people likely did not know about the world’s most important currency.

15. The Constitution Stated That Only Coins Be Used

The constitution of the United States is by far one of the greatest political documents of all time, as it provides basically everything a person needs in order to live a truly great life free from tyranny and oppression. In the centuries since it was written, there have been multiple changes made to the constitution, primarily in regards to social issues, but there was also a section in the constitution that dealt specifically with money and what kind should have been used throughout the country. In Article 1 of the constitution, there is no mention of using paper money for currency, because at that the time it was written, it was very easy to make counterfeit bills, which was perceived to be a real threat for the economy, which is why coins were the suggested mode of currency, because they were more difficult to counterfeit. As it turns out though, people still made counterfeit coins, so the government decided to just go ahead and make paper money anyway.

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