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5 Chilling Stories Of Haunted Native American Lands

From “Pet Semetary” to “Poltergist,” many of the best horror movies include disturbed Native American burial grounds. But is there any truth behind the popular trope?
As it turns out, Native American burial grounds are among some of the most haunted locations in America.

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For over a century, reports have poured in about eerie sightings, strange noises, and unexplained acts of vandalism. Here we’ve collected stories from five of the most haunted Native American lands from coast to coast.

1. Cathapoodle – Ridgefield, West Virginia

Before Ridgefield, West Virginia, was developed by white men, it was a Native American village known as “Cathapoodle.” In fact, of all the Native villages Lewis and Clark visited on their trip West, Cathapoodle was the largest. Throughout the construction of the modern-day town, there were many unexplained equipment failures and random acts of vandalism. Today, psychics claim to have seen “unhappy” Native American spirits in the area, leading some to think that Ridgefield sits atop a burial ground.

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