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10 Shocking Examples Of Censorship Groups Or Laws

Censorship is the suppression of communication usually deemed harmful by the ruling government. Every country has, at one time or another, been guilty of grievous acts of censorship. But as Noam Chomsky once said, “If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don’t believe in …

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10 Reasons Trump Won The Presidency

Donald Trump is the next president of the United States.Two years ago, that sentence would have seemed satirical. Just last month, it sounded implausible to many. Yet Trump’s meteoric rise isn’t a joke. Nor is it just the story of some plucky underdog. The 45th president’s path to success was …

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15 Times Celebs Let Their Racist Side Show

Just because people are famous or are celebrities that we read about in all of the best gossip rags doesn’t mean that they’re people that we should look up to. Celebrities come from all over the world with various backgrounds and widely varying levels of education. Because of this fact, …

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15 Disturbing Ways The World Could End Tomorrow

The Doomsday Clock is maintained by The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists’ Science and Security Board, which includes 18 Nobel laureates. Its sole purpose is to represent how close the world is to global catastrophe, which is symbolized by midnight. Basically, The Doomsday Clock is the scientific equivalent of that …

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