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15 Dirty Secrets Ivanka Trump Doesn’t Want You To Know

The New York Times hailed Ivanka Trump as “The Most Influential First Daughter Since Alice Roosevelt Longworth.” Indeed, Donald Trump gives her more power than any of his wives, valuing her opinion possibly more than anyone else. During her father’s presidential campaign, Ivanka was credited with Donald’s paid maternity leave …

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15 Times Cops Were Accused Of Selling Illegal Substances

Before ‘Black Lives Matter’ ever was an inkling in people’s minds, some people across the US were claiming that police were involved in more than just busting criminals. This subtle and vastly under-publicized conspiracy theory goes like this: The cops, and sometimes even the government, are not removing illegal substances …

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15 Dark Facts You Didn’t Know About The Yakuza

The Yakuza refers to a collection of Japanese gangs whose behaviors vary from family to family. Some of these organized crime syndicates capitalize off of ritualistic blackmail while others prefer to smuggle arms and drugs in and out of other countries. The darkest crimes that Yakuza are known for are …

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