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15 GROSS AF Things You Can Only Find In AFRICA

Africa is without a doubt the most underdeveloped continent in the world. So many people in certain areas are still living without basic necessities such a clean, running water. So many humans in Africa don’t even know that fax machines, cell phones or even electricity were invented. This makes Africa …

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15 Spine-Chilling Sounds And Their Creepy Backstories

Usually as human beings, we rely on our vision, therefore, it’s what we see that often frightens us the most. However, what about what we hear? Whether it’s sudden movements, or just a frightful tone, sound causes a reaction in the brain that is ten times worse than actually seeing …

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15 Creepiest Unexplained New York City Legends

In 1898, Brooklyn became the fifth borough to join the City of New York, and those past 119 years the Big Apple has evolved into not only the most populated city in the United States but also the financial and cultural epicenter of the entire planet. And yes, it may …

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15 SCARY Things Found In Your Favourite Foods

Be warned, your favorite fast food establishment could very well be on this list! I hope you ate before reading this, as you certainly won’t want to afterward. If you thought that a burger or fries missing from your order can ruin a day, you’ve not seen anything yet! Trust …

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