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15 Spine-Chilling Sounds And Their Creepy Backstories

Usually as human beings, we rely on our vision, therefore, it’s what we see that often frightens us the most. However, what about what we hear? Whether it’s sudden movements, or just a frightful tone, sound causes a reaction in the brain that is ten times worse than actually seeing …

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15 Conflicting Facts About The Tamam Shud Case

History is full of strange, unsolved mysteries that have puzzled people for years. Some famous mysteries, such as who constructed Stonehenge and how exactly they did it, are fascinating but not particularly disturbing. Others are far more gruesome, like the mystery of the Zodiac Killer, the true identity of Jack …

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15 Famous People Allegedly Killed By The Illuminati

If you don’t like conspiracy theories then who even are you? You are, quite frankly, in completely the wrong place now, buster. Conspiracy theories are some of the most exciting and interesting thoughts around, and if not for the fact that they could be true, but for the excellent fun …

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15 Haunting Facts About The 3 Secrets Of Fatima

Alright, so the three secrets of Fatima. Many may well be asking “what the hell are they?” A very worthwhile question indeed. Back on July 17, 1917 (note the three sevens in there— obviously important symbolism for the Catholics), a little girl, living near Fatima, Portugal, by the name of …

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15 Most Terrifying Human Experiments In History

Experimenting on humans is typically seen as science fiction. In Richard Connell’s “The Most Dangerous Game,” a classic adventure story from 1924, the mad Russian General Zaroff uses a private island to hunt down humans. Ennui brought this on. After all, after man has mastered the hunting of all other …

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