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8 Things Congress Has Done While Everyone was Distracted by Trump

While we were distracted by the onslaught of executive orders President Trump pushed through during his first two weeks in office, legislators in Congress were busy quietly introducing legislation to bolster his top-down moves. Here’s what you missed: 1. A House Panel Voted to Terminate the Election Assistance Commission The …

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Hillary Clinton vs The Benghazi Committee

In modern times, presidential candidates typically have to deal with competitors digging up old dirt. You know, that little white lie that may have been said 15 years ago in a newspaper that no longer exists. Or maybe an old college peer sells a photo to tabloids from a party …

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12 Reasons Donald Trump Would Make A Great President

One of the biggest news stories making headlines right now is Donald Trump, one of the biggest names in the United States, is running for President. Throughout the last couple of elections he has hinted at the idea but nothing really materialized. That all changed earlier this month when he …

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