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15 Controversial Celebs Who Were Accused Of Racism

From blatant ugly racism to outright sexism and homophobia, celebs aren’t exempt from this kind of behaviour. Racism isn’t a new problem in the world but who knew it was rampant in Hollywood! It just goes to prove that their celebrity platform can be both a blessing and a curse …

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15 Films You Never Knew Were Secretly Racist

By now, you probably know that Hollywood was racist for a really long time. Say what you want about present times, but things have certainly changed for the better. Take a look back. Every studio, especially Disney, had had numerous films with very questionable content since the dawn of film. …

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15 Shockingly Racist Moments in Disney Movies

As soon as a new Disney movie is released, parents and their children rush to theaters in droves to take part in some wholesome and kid-friendly fun. But these films are more than just simple entertainment to keep the kids occupied for a few hours. Adults get a kick out …

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8 Signs You’re A Closet Racist

In an age in which our very own POTUS is suspected of having not so closeted racial views, it just may be time to have a serious (-ly sarcastic) conversation on the topic of racism. To be clear, for the purpose of beginning on common ground, racism is defined as …

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