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15 Times Celebs Let Their Racist Side Show

Just because people are famous or are celebrities that we read about in all of the best gossip rags doesn’t mean that they’re people that we should look up to. Celebrities come from all over the world with various backgrounds and widely varying levels of education. Because of this fact, …

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10 Insane Ways Race Still Shapes Society

You may have heard of color blindness. Aside from being a medical condition, it’s also meant to refer to life in the post-racial world—a society where you can be born black, white, Asian, Hispanic, or anything and it won’t make the slightest bit of difference. It’s where we’re meant to …

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15 Controversial Celebs Who Were Accused Of Racism

From blatant ugly racism to outright sexism and homophobia, celebs aren’t exempt from this kind of behaviour. Racism isn’t a new problem in the world but who knew it was rampant in Hollywood! It just goes to prove that their celebrity platform can be both a blessing and a curse …

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15 Films You Never Knew Were Secretly Racist

By now, you probably know that Hollywood was racist for a really long time. Say what you want about present times, but things have certainly changed for the better. Take a look back. Every studio, especially Disney, had had numerous films with very questionable content since the dawn of film. …

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15 Shockingly Racist Moments in Disney Movies

As soon as a new Disney movie is released, parents and their children rush to theaters in droves to take part in some wholesome and kid-friendly fun. But these films are more than just simple entertainment to keep the kids occupied for a few hours. Adults get a kick out …

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8 Signs You’re A Closet Racist

In an age in which our very own POTUS is suspected of having not so closeted racial views, it just may be time to have a serious (-ly sarcastic) conversation on the topic of racism. To be clear, for the purpose of beginning on common ground, racism is defined as …

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