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9 Ways We’re Betraying Our Veterans

We in the West have been at war for over a decade now, and our commitment to bombing faraway countries has resulted in a lot of our soldiers coming back with brutal memories of combat. Now, in an ideal society, those who risked their lives for their country would be …

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10 Of The Worst Snitches Of All Time

You may have heard that “loose lips sink ships,” but sometimes loose lips do a lot worse. Some snitches have betrayed noble causes. Others have committed heinous crimes and gotten away with it. Some have spewed hatred, others have lied, and others still may have eavesdropped on your phone calls. …

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10 Of The Craziest Ideas Pushed In The Name Of Feminism

Feminism is the belief that women and men should have the same rights and opportunities. But beyond that simple definition is a complex movement whose nature and goals have changed significantly over time. Famous feminists have done everything from fight for women’s suffrage to try banning books that they deem …

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Feather Brows Is The Newest Trend Nobody Expected

The beauty world never ceases to surprise me. It feels like there is a new trend every other day and each of them is crazier than the one before. And the latest Insta-trend is “feather brows”. A few days ago Stella Sironen, a Finnish makeup artist, jokingly shared an image …

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10 Underhanded Ways Governments Use The Modern Media

The Internet has effectively ended the era of government monopoly on information. There are countless examples of citizens successfully using social media and smartphones to self-organize and challenge authoritarian governments.So what do you do if you’re a ruler threatened by these developments? Sure, you could settle for old-school methods of …

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10 Secret US Military Intelligence Projects

I just finished reading a new book on the history of Area 51 – the super secret American military base located in Nevada. The book is titled “Area 51 – An Uncensored History of America’s Top Secret Military Base” by Annie Jacobsen. Ms. Jacobsen manages to uncover never before released …

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