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15 GROSS AF Things You Can Only Find In AFRICA

Africa is without a doubt the most underdeveloped continent in the world. So many people in certain areas are still living without basic necessities such a clean, running water. So many humans in Africa don’t even know that fax machines, cell phones or even electricity were invented. This makes Africa …

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15 Most Chilling Acts Of Mass Murder

Everyone in modern American society knows all about mass murderers, or serial killers, as we like to label them. How could we not? The media has been reveling in lurid tales about them since the turn of the 20th century it seems. We’ve seen everything from Lizzie Borden, who may …

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10+ Cities Like You’ve Probably Never Seen Before

Walking around towns and taking photos of their places of interest you may not see the whole picture: the view from the ground doesn’t permit you to fully appreciate the scale and geometry if architectural memorials. The Russian AirPano team of photographers rises to the sky to show you different …

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