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Melania Trump: These 35 Photos Will Have You Wondering Whether She’s First Lady Material

We reported on some scandalous photos of Melania Trump that she, Trump, and the Republican party don’t want the world to see because of how her past photoshoots could affect the future of their presidency and, quite possibly, American citizens.

The photos exposed Mrs. Trump for her past in modeling, wherein she bared it all and has received no criticism, while Michelle Obama has been under heavy scrutiny for baring her arms in formal dresses.

Many have gone so far as to say that Mrs. Obama does not look or act like a first lady because she revealed her “too muscular” arms, but Melania has been praised for her beautiful figure and the courage it took to pose for those nude shots.

Michelle Obama is a graduate of both Princeton University and Harvard Law School, making her one of the few First Ladies in history to have a graduate degree. Melania Trump, meanwhile, dropped out of college during her freshman year and spent her days modeling before marrying real-estate mogul Donald Trump and gave birth to their son.

Mrs. Trump’s path is nothing to be ashamed of, as each woman should strive to be whoever and do whatever they want, but to say that Michelle Obama is not an acceptable First Lady and then turn around and welcome Melania Trump into the White House with no criticism means a double standard is at play.

After seeing these 35 photos, even Trump supporters will be wondering whether Melania Trump is the First Lady they want representing America at events worldwide.

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