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These 22 Tips Will Help You Read Body Language Like A Pro

At this point in my life, I’m convinced that one of the biggest causes of conflict between people is misinterpretation.
I’ve started countless fights with my loved ones because I assumed that they were feeling a certain way when in reality, I couldn’t have been more wrong. It’s really hard to tell what others are thinking, but there are some clever ways you can get inside their heads.

Author Aldis Kalnins created an incredibly helpful poster that’s chock-full of tips on how to read people by looking at their body language. Here are 22 ways you can crack their non-verbal codes.

1. Not sure if your input is wanted during a conversation? Try looking at your friends’ feet.

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2. Thumbs out may mean that someone thinks they’re better than you.
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3. Chair positioning gives away how you’re feeling about yourself or your current situation.
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4. Rubbing your eyes communicates your reluctance to look at something or even tell the truth.
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5. If you spot clenched hands, there’s a good chance that person feels uncomfortable.
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6. You can tell a lot about a person’s willingness to consider different ideas and opinions by looking at their arms.
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7. Here’s a good indicator that you might be pissing someone off.
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8. If your friend does this during a conversation, they’re probably sick of listening to you.
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9. A person’s anger level coincides with the spot where they hold their arm.
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10. Give your loved one a hug when they grab their bottom lip.
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11. Here are a couple of things to think about the next time you cross your legs, ladies.
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12. Holding your chin can either mean you’re contemplating the universe or you just want to do something more fun.
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13. Where you look at a person’s face can communicate a lot.
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14. If you don’t feel that great about yourself, you probably touch your neck on a regular basis.
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15. The direction someone looks can reveal what they’re thinking about.
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16. People who sit like this aren’t very friendly or open-minded.
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17. There’s a fine line between giving off the impression that you’re reserved and just feeling chilly.
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18. Is a person controlling or do they just not give a crap? Pay attention to how they sit in a chair.
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19. Just like in “Pinocchio,” your nose shows others when you aren’t being honest.

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20. Here’s how to know if the story you’re telling is engaging or just plain boring.
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21. When a person sits like this, they likely don’t respect you.
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22. Some people may not appreciate your hugs as much as you think.

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