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Marijuana Legalization In America: 10 States That Are Not In The Race

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Gummies ProductsIn America, marijuana is still illegal, a felony, or a misdemeanor in 22 states and 3 inhabited territories. Nevertheless, with Colorado, Washington, Alaska and Oregon legalizing recreational and medicinal marijuana and Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, California, Arizona, Michigan, Missouri, and Ohio expected to follow suit in 2016, Americans can hope to see other states liberalize cannabis laws through decriminalization and legalization of recreational cannabis, as well as the legalization of medical marijuana for non-recreational use in the near future. However, people of these 10 states might have to wait a little longer to legally smoke pot:

1. Alabama. Possession and sale of marijuana is a felony, while transporting and cultivating marijuana is illegal in the state. While 23 states and the District of Columbia have legalized medical marijuana, conservative lawmakers in the Heart of Dixie still feel the state is not ready for it. Republicans, who dominate state elected offices and the state legislature, see marijuana as a gateway to other drug usage.  The state has no initiative process, and the legislature is still debating legalizing medical marijuana.Free Marijuana Grow Bible